Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Ideas for your first paper

Greetings, Honors 399 Students! I'm going to post a few ideas you may consider for your first papers. It's not an exclusive list, of course, but just one to get you to thinking about what may be interesting for you. Maybe an idea here prompts a similar, related idea. The paper should deal with one or both of the films we've watched so far, and/or issues related to them. Here's my list:

- Innovations in "The Last Laugh" that permanently influenced filmmaking
- Emil Jannings and his life and career with and beyond "The Last Laugh"
- Ufa versus Hollywood: What were the similarities and contrasts
- Class in both "The Last Laugh" and "I Was A Fugitive on a Chain Gang"
- The "prison film" and what role "Fugitive" played in that genre
- Paul Muni's career before and after "Fugitive"
- How bad were the chain gangs, and was "Fugitive" an accurate portrayal?
- Did Hollywood pull punches in "Fugitive"?
- The mystery of the ending to "The Last Laugh" solved
- The ending of "Fugitive" and the controversy surrounding it
- Secondary characters in both films and their importance
- The importance of setting in either or both films
- The evolution of film from "The Last Laugh" to "Fugitive"
- From Germany to the USA in the 1920s and 1930s, what a difference in film?
- How Germany influenced U.S. film in the early days
- German Expressionism and "The Last Laugh"'s role in it
- How contemporary events shaped the filming of "The Last Laugh" and "Fugitive"
- The concept of freedom in "Fugitive"
- The concept of the uniform in "The Last Laugh"
- The role of women in "Fugitive"
- Do we see pre-Code tolerance in "Fugitive"
- Is there the whiff of revolution in either "The Last Laugh" or "Fugitive", or just the opposite?
- Comic relief in either film--does it play a role?
- The use of the camera in either film
- A study of the directors of these films, or the director of one of them

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