Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Honors 399 - 2nd paper ideas

Here are some ideas for your second papers:

- Charlie Chaplin's independence in filmmaking
- Charlie Chaplin's critique of capitalism
- "Modern Times" and Taylorism
- "Modern Times" and the Great Depression
- Only United Artists could have produced "Modern Times"
- Charlie Chaplin's politics
- An analysis of "The Tramp"
- "Crossfire" in the noir world
- Gloria Grahame's noir life
- Anti-semitism: reality and "Crossfire"
- The race to get "Crossfire" into theaters
- The Hollywood formula and "Crossfire"
- Robert Ryan's life versus his characters
- Anti-semitism as portrayed in "Crossfire" and Charlie Chaplin's "The Great Dictator"
- Anti-semitism versus racism as a Hollywood issue
- Hollywood's Jewish moguls and anti-semitism
- HUAC and Hollywood---Dmytryk, etc.
- How would Hollywood treat capitalism and/or anti-semitism today?
- The revolutionary spirit behind "noir"
- Charlie Chaplin: Using humor to send a message
- The role of the gamin in "Modern Times"
- Cops in Charlie Chaplin's world

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