Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Harriet Frank Jr and Irving Ravitch

Harriet Frank Jr and Irving Ravitch married after meeting at Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer young writer's training program in 1946. They wrote screenplays for multiple movies over the course of a few decades, and were nominated for an Academy Award for Hud. They worked on Conrack and The Cowboys before taking a break from screenwriting for a while. After the break, they wrote Norma Rae and won two Academy Awards for the work. They collaborated with director Martin Ritt seven times before he died in 1990. Ravitch died in 2010 at he age of 89, and Frank Jr is still alive today. The pair worked together on almost everything they produced during the second half of their careers, and received honors right as their works came out and long after. Both Frank Jr and Ravitch attended UCLA but met after their time there. They worked on adaptations of William Faulkner and Pat Conroy and wrote famous movies such as "Whiplash".

Frank Jr and Ravitch had a great working relationship that transcended their personal relationship. Interviews with them revealed moments that didn't come through in their products. Frank called Ravitch easy to work with, agreeable, and open to compromise, which is why they could work so well together. They always talked about their ideas together and then laid out individual scenes that they were interested in producing. The pair maintained both their personal and professional relationships throughout their lives and created beautiful works that were and are loved by many people.

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