Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Honors 399 - Long Paper Ideas

Honors 399 Students:

Here are some ideas for your longer paper:

- Race and stereotypes in film, as depicted in "Crossfire", "Do the Right Thing" and other movies
- Working class people and film
- Women and film: From the femme fatale to the labor leader
- HUAC and the Hollywood formula: What is an artist to do to get his or her vision on screen?
- Friendlies and unfriendlies before the HUAC
- A capitalist critique of Hollywood
- Hollywood's capitulation before the witch-hunters
- Hollywood heroes who stood up to HUAC and McCarthyism
- Independent film's challenge to the Big Studios
- Tensions among races even among those on the Left--film and beyond
-  A critical (analytic) profile of one of the directors, screenwriters or actors among the latter films we watched
- If "Salt of the Earth" were made today ...
- People doing the wrong thing in "Do the Right Thing", or not?
- Is there a case to be made on HUAC's side?
- Commies in Hollywood: Were there?
- Warner Brothers: socially conscious or not quite?
- A further take on Charlie Chaplin: Looking at but also beyond "Modern Tines"
- Spike Lee and social consciousness
- The obstacles "Salt" faced
- Just how did "Norma Rae" get made in Hollywood?
- The real "Norma Rae" versus the screen version

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